North leads as 1,434 killed in April – Report

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No fewer than 1,434 Nigerians were killed and 633 kidnapped in 438 violent attacks across the country in April.

According to a report by Beacon Consulting, made available to our correspondent on Wednesday, the attacks happened in 109 local government areas spread across the 36 states of the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory.

The report added that 497 persons were killed in rural attacks, 359 in combat/crossfire, 216 in individual attacks and 196 in ambush.

A comparison of the abduction and fatality rates between March and April indicated that there was an increase.

According to the report, killings increased from 990 to 1,434; abductions from 342 to 633 while attacks increased from 248 to 438 in April.

The report read in part, “In April 2022, government’s efforts failed to significantly reduce security incidents, fatalities and abductions compared with the figures for March 2022.

“Accordingly, in the fourth month of the year, we recorded 438 incidents that resulted in 633 abductions and 1,434 fatalities. These affected 190 local government areas in 36 states plus the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

“A month-to-month analysis of the changes in the figures recorded in March 2022 and April 2022 show marginal decrease of 10.5 per cent in abductions and 4.2 per cent in fatalities.”

“A comparison of the incidents that occurred in April 2021 and April 2022 shows a 78.7 per cent rise (248 – 438), an 85 per cent increase in abductions (342 – 633), and a 44.8 per cent increase in fatalities (990-1434).’’

A breakdown of the attacks in April revealed that North East leads with 432 fatalities, North Central 429; 337 North West, South South 166, South East 40 and South West 30 fatalities.

The report added, “A breakdown of these incidents show 30 per cent occurred in the North-East (432 fatalities), 30 per cent in the North Central (429 fatalities), 24 per cent in North West (337 fatalities), South-South 12 per cent (fatalities 166), South East 3 per cent (40 fatalities) and South West 2 per cent (30 fatalities). A thematic analysis of the incidents shows these main incident typologies as responsible: raids by non-state actors, where they targeted rural communities mainly (497), combat/crossfire (359) individual attack (216) and ambush (196). “

A state by state breakdown of the fatalities shows that Borno accounted for 437 of the fatalities, Plateau 250, Kaduna 167, Zamfara 137 and Rivers 114, among others.

“The distribution of these incidents in the states shows North East and North Central Nigeria recorded the highest fatalities and abductions: Borno State with 437 fatalities, Plateau State with 250 fatalities, followed by Kaduna and Zamfara States with 167 and 137 fatalities respectively. Rivers State recorded the highest fatalities in the Southern region with 114 persons killed,” the report stated.

SOURCE: The Punch

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